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Fukushima Station

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Fukushima Station
Fukushima Station

Fukushima Station is located in the Fukushima city and is the main train station for the Fukushima Prefecture area in the Tohoku Region.  Unlike most other major train stations in northeastern Japan, this Train Station is operated by multiple train companies, the major operator being the JR East Corporation.

In addition to the JR East corporation the other major train operators are Abukuma Express Corporation and Fukushima Transportation.  The JR East part of this station is the main operator for transportation in Fukushima Prefecture, operating both the Shinkansens and the normal JR Lines.  The major Shinkansen that runs through the station is the Tohoku Main Line with the Tohoku Shinkansen.  The Yamagata Shinkansen also runs through Fukushima Station but if you are on a Tohoku Shinkansen coming from Tokyo, you have to switch to Yamagata Shinkansen at the Fukushima Station to go to Yamagata area.  This Yamagata Shinkansen provides access to the Yamagata Prefecture. 

Here is a video of the Fukushima Station:

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