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Fun Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Videos - (Part 2)

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"Max Yamabiko" of East Japan Railway (JR East)

Continuing my series,
about fun Shinkansen videos.  Here is the next one in this series.

2)   Watching Shinkansens fly by... at Shin-Onomichi Station:
Some bullet trains in Japan stop at all stations on the Shinkansen lines (such as Kodama Shinkansen) but most run on limited stop basis between starting station and the terminus.  You can think of it as a local Shinkansen Vs. Express Shinkansen,  :).

In any case, this one time, I went to see Onomichi city in the Chugoku region of Western Japan and took the local Shinkansen "Kodama" to Shin-Onomichi Station.  I shot this video at Shin-Onomichi Shinkansen Station, between two major stations Hiroshima and Okayama.  Only the Kodama Shinkansen stops here, every other train whizzes by.

It took me over two hours (and few hot coffees) to gather the content for this video.  Mainly because I had to wait for the next bullet train to come by.. or in some cases I missed the footage because I did not react quickly with my camera when the Trains came by.

All and all it was fun to shoot this video and definitely not fun to stand at a train platform on a cold windy day in Japan.


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