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Fun Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Videos - (Part 3)

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Shinkansen Nozomi
"Nozomi" of East Japan Railway (JR East)

Continuing my series,
about fun Shinkansen videos.  Here is the next one in this series.

3)   Watching Shinkansens fly by... from a highway next to the Shinkansen Tracks:
I always wanted to videotape the Shinkansens fly by in a natural setting to show it would look for people watching it from outside. 

The problem with this is that almost all Shinkansens have dedicated tracks, usually high up from the ground or with a tall blockades around it.  Unless you work in an office or live in an apartment next to the tracks high up, it is not easy to get the shots. 

After some research, looking into the JR train map for Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen,  I was able to find a spot where you can see the Shinkansen clearly from a Kyoto to Osaka highway.  

And, I found a way to get myself to that location.  What fun it was for me to do this shoot!  Sometimes I cannot believe how these Bullet Trains stays on the tracks, going fast, you would assume that it should be flying off the tracks.

Here is a video of that experience, watch it!

I took me a few hours on a sunny but an extremely chilly day to get the shots for this video.  Unfortunately there was no hot coffee around, like it was for my other Shinkansen videos.  But it was definitely a lot of fun!!!

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