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Honmyoji Temple

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Honmyoji Temple Hondo
Honmyoji Temple Hondo

Honmyoji Temple is located in the Kumamoto Prefecture of the Kyushu Region.  Honmyoji Temple belongs to the Nichiren sect of the Japanese Buddhism.  It is one of the most important temples of the Nichiren sect and the Kumamoto residents.

Honmyoji Temple can be easily reached by a short tram ride through the Kumamoto City, from the JR Kumamoto Station.  The new Japanese Bullet train Sakura, runs up to Kagoshima Chuo station, through JR Kumamoto Station and stops at Kumamoto Station.

Honmyoji Temple HondoHonmyoji Temple was erected by Kiyomasa Kato in 1585 AD to house the grave of his father, Kiyotada Kato.  Kiyomasa kato, a Warrior General of Toyotomi Hideyoshi during the 16th century.  He is also known as Kato Toranosuke and lived in 1562-1611 AD. 

Honmyoji Temple Seal

He was a loyal aide and one of the fiercest warrior generals of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, so Toyotomi, called him as one of his "Best seven lancers" of his army.  After many successful battles that Kiyomasa Kato fought both inside Japan and in Korea at the behest of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Kiyomasa Kato was given much land and tax collecting authority in the Kumamoto area.  Kiyomasa Kato was a great follower of Nichiren sect of Japanese Buddhism.  As such he also promoted the Nichiren faith in the Kumamoto Area. 

After building the Honmyoji Temple at the current location, Kiyomasa kato moved the Temple to inside the Kumamoto Castle in 1588.  But after the passing of Kiyomasa Kato in 1611 this Temple was moved back to the current location.  There is a mausoleum for Kiyomasa Kato called Jochibyo at the top of the temple stairway.

The temple precincts are usually very quite and not crowded by visitors during normal days but it is a very popular temple on festival days.  It is a long walk up to the Temple Hondo and once you get to the top you can see great views of the Kumamoto City.

Here is a video of the Honmyoji Temple:

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