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JR Hakata Station

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JR Hakata Station
JR Hakata (Fukuoka) Station

JR Hakata Station is located in the Hakata ward of the Fukuoka city in the Kyushu Region.  This station is also known as the JR Fukuoka Station but mostly called with the name of Hakata ward where it is located.

This station is operated by multiple JR corporations, both JR West and the JR Kyushu Corporations.  JR Hakata Station is one of the largest train stations in Japan like JR Osaka Station and JR Ueno Station.  Most Sanyo Shinkansens make JR Hakata Station as their last stop.  But recently the Shinkansen services have been extended further southwest of Kyushu region, until Kagoshima Chuo (use Sakura Shinkansen).  In addition to the Shinkansen services, various JR trains are available servicing various locations within the Kyushu Region.  Bus services available from the JR Hakata Station to various locations within the city including the Hakata Port Terminal.  Hakata Port terminal provides access to South Korea.

Fukuoka city is one of the most vibrant cities in Japan, up there with cities like Tokyo and Osaka.  One of the great aspects of Fukuoka City is the internationalization of it's characteristics just like you find in the Kobe City in the Kansai Region.  It is also one of the largest passenger and commercial ports in Japan, servicing many countries west of Japan like China, South Korea and Taiwan.

There are many department stores inside the JR Hakata Station and it is also buzzing with travelers and just local shoppers.  It is usually fun to visit this station during holidays (christmas and new years) and most shops are lively and decked up.

Here is a video of JR Hakata Station:

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