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JR Hiraizumi Station

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JR Hiraizumi Station
JR Hiraizumi Station

JR Hiraizumi Station is located in the Nishiiwai District of the Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku Region.  This is a small station, mainly servicing the residents of the Nishiiwai District and the travelers coming the famous Hiraizumi Site.  Hiraizumi area and it's temples are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

People traveling to the Hiraizumi area can either take a bus or a train from JR Ichinoseki Station.  While some of these buses continue to the Temples like (Motsuji and Chusonji Temples), travelers coming to Hiraizumi via train need to walk from the Station.  The walk itself is less than fifteen minutes to the actual Hiraizumi famous visitor attractions.

Here is a video of this small but beautiful train station:

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