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JR Ichinoseki Station

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JR Ichinoseki Station
JR Ichinoseki Station

JR Ichinoseki Station is located in the Ichinoseki City of Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku Region.  It is a small train station operated by JR East.  The significant aspect of this station is that the Tohoku Shinkansen stops at this station.

Ichinoseki City is mostly an Industrial town but it has gained significance as a travel destination because of the Hiraizumi area that is closeby.  The temples of Hiraizumi are designated as the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.  So, if you are coming from Tokyo area by Shinkansen you have to get off at JR Ichinoseki Station.  From this station you can take either a bus or a regular JR train to the Hiraizumi area.

Here is a video of this station:

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