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JR Kamakura and Kita Kamakura Stations

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In Front of JR Kamakura Station

JR Kamakura Station is the main train station and the gateway for the historic Kamakura district and it's temples.  This station is on the JR Yokosuka line.  If you are in the Tokyo area, you can take the train to Kamakura from the JR Shinjuku station.

From Kamakura station you can take the Enoden line (not affiliated with Japan Railway, so your JR Pass will not be valid) which will further take you to temples like Hasedera and the Enoshima Island.  However you can also take the Bus from JR Kamakura to get to Hasedera and the Daibutsu temple.

JR Kita Kamakura station is one stop before the JR Kamakura station when coming from Shinjuku.  There is a narrow street between JR Kita Kamakura and JR Kamakura.  This street is called Kamakura Kaido.  There are cluster of great zen temples on this street.  So, visitors can initially get off at JR Kita Kamakura and walk up to the JR Kamakura station, taking the Kamakura Kaido.  While walking on Kamakura Kaido, you can cover all the temples that are between Kita Kamakura and Kamakura.

I wanted to put both stations on one video, because they are both part of one single excursion for the travelers.  Here is the video of JR Kamakura and JR Kita Kamakura stations.

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