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JR Kii Tanabe Station

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JR Kii Tanabe Station
JR Kii Tanabe Station

Kii Tanabe Station
is an important station on the Kisei Main Line or Kinokuni Line in southern part of the Kanto Region.  This line covers most part of the Wakayama Prefecture and runs alongside the scenic coast line of Kii Peninsula.  Japan Railways (JR) Limited Express Trains "Ocean Arrow" and "Super Kuroshio" on the way to Shingu from Wakayama, stop at this station.

In addition Japan Railways runs local JR lines between JR Kii Tanabe station and other local stations on the Kinokuni line.

Here is a video of the JR Kii Tanabe Station.

Kii Tanabe is a sleepy little town, known for historic sites, temples and shrines.  Kii Tanabe is famous for the Kumano Hongu Taisha Shrine, which is one of the three sacred shrines of the "Kumano Sanzen" of the "Kumano Kodo" (Kumano Ancient Road, which is a old pilgrimage route from Kumano to Kyoto). 

Kumano Kodo is recognized as by the UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, a good stretch of the old Kumano Kodo still exists from Kii Tanabe towards Wakayama City. 

Unfortunately the Shrine is about two hour bus ride from JR Kii Tanabe Station, so if you are planning to visit the shrine, please get there early.


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