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JR Kyoto Station

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JR Kyoto Station
JR Kyoto Station

JR (Japan Railways) Kyoto Station is the main gateway to Kyoto City, the ancient capital of Japan.  Kyoto City is probably the largest tourist destination because of it's famous temples.  Kyoto City also has large shopping streets at Shijo-Kawaramachi and Kyoto Tower.   In short, Kyoto City is the perfect example of the old and the new, side by side in perfect harmony.

As with other aspects of Kyoto city, JR Kyoto Station itself is an architectural marvel with many things for the tourists to do in the station itself.

Kyoto Tower as seen from the first floor of Kyoto Station

Kyoto tower is built right across from Kyoto Tower and is about 300 feet high.  From Kyoto Tower you can get a great 360 degree view of the Kyoto city.

Here is a video of the JR Kyoto station.

JR Kyoto station has both the regular JR trains and the Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) that run on the famous Tokaido Sanyo line.  All bullet trains (Nozomi, Hikari and Kodama) stop at this station.  Travelers who want to continue to second section of the Tokaido Sanyo line and want to continue to Hiroshima or Fukuoka, need to go up to Shin Osaka and switch to bullet trains that go from Osaka to Hakata (Fukuoka station).  Travelers who want to go beyond Fukuoka, can use the new bullet train "Sakura".

JR Kyoto Station, entrance to gates at night

Night Lights at JR Kyoto Station

One of the famous regular JR lines is the train that goes to "Nara" and the trains that go to Kobe Sannomiya station and Osaka.


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