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JR Mito Station

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JR Mito Station
JR Mito Station

JR Mito Station (JR Mito Eki)
is located in Mito city in Ibaraki Prefecture and part of Kanto Region in Japan. 

JR Mito station is the largest train station servicing Mito city and other connecting cities in the Ibaraki prefecture, such as Hitachi Daigo.

Although there is no direct Bullet Train (Shinkansen) service to Mito city, there are two Limited Express trains called "Super Hitachi" and "Fresh Hitachi" run from Ueno station in Tokyo, that take people to Mito Station.


If you are a JR Pass holder, you can either of these Limited Express trains without any extra charge.  Please use the designated cars for the JR Pass holders.

I have ridden both Super Hitachi and Fresh Hitachi and they are fun trains to ride.

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