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JR Nagano Station

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JR Nagano Station
JR Nagano Station

JR Nagano Station is located in the Nagano City and is the main train station for the people of Nagano City.  This station services both Shinkansen (Japanese Bullet Trains) and the regular JR Trains.  The Shinkansens are part of the Nagano Shinkansen line (also called Hokuriku Shinkansen).  The bullet trains run on this line are called "Asama" and "Max Asama", with Max Axama is being the limited stop bullet train.

Nagano city is one of the best winter destinations for both Japanese and the foreign tourists because of the best ski conditions that it provides.  In fact the winters in Nagano are less harsh than Hokkaido which is gets most snow in Japan during winter.  Nagano city also has the distinction of hosting the 1998 winter olympics.  When you visit Nagano city, you get a chance to see some of the left over structures from this Olympics.

Nagano city is known for Zenkoji Temple, which is one of the oldest and most revered temple in Japan.  This temple is not part of the Kannon Pilgrimage circuit but most pilgrims who do the Kannon Pilgrimages, either start or end their pilgrimage at Zenkoji Temple.

Here is a video of the JR Nagano Station and it's vicinity.

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