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JR Nara Station

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JR Nara Station
JR Nara Station

JR Nara Station is located in the historic Nara City of the Nara Prefecture in Kansai Region.  This station is operated by JR West Corporation.  The current building is newly built with all new amenities (seen above and in the video).  There is also an older building that was used as the main entrance to the station which is currently used as a visitor center.

The JR Nara Line runs to this station from Kyoto City and is the main passenger transport for the thousands of visitors that come to Nara every year.  There is another train operator Kintetsu Railways also operates trains to Nara City but JR Nara Line is by far the most widely used train to come to Nara.  If you have a JR Pass you can use it to take this train.

In addition to the JR Nara Line, JR Yamatoji Line also runs through JR Nara Station (this station not being the teminus) with service to Osaka area.

The historic monuments and temples of the ancient Nara are about twenty minute walk from the JR Nara Station, with a pleasant walk through the famous Nara Park. 

There are both Limited Express Trains and Regular Trains run to this Train Station from JR Kyoto Station, with the regular trains with the highest frequency.  These trains also run through Uji City Station, Tofukuji Station and Fushimi Inari station.  So as part of your travel itenarary you can visit the temples and shrines in Nara but also visit places like Byodoin Temple, Mimurotoji Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine by using the JR Nara Line.

Here is a video of this famous station:

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