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JR Onomichi Station
JR Onomichi Station

Onomichi City is located
in Sanyo Region (west side of Japan) and close to Hiroshima and Okayama Cities. 

Onomichi is a great little city to visit, with antique charm, great temples, hilly/scenic/picturesque landscapes.  Unfortunately it is not part of most western tourists, even though it is accessible by JR Trains both Shinkansens and regular trains.

The city is serviced by two JR train stations.  JR Shin-Onomichi station is serviced by only the Shinkansen (bullet) trains.  But only Kodama Shinkansen stops here, the Sakura, Hikari and Nozomi trains do not stop.

Here is a video about JR Onomichi and JR Shin Onomichi stations.

JR Onomichi station services the sanyo region's local JR lines.  This station is about 10 minute bus ride from the Shin-Onomichi station and is close to the downtown and all the tourist attractions.

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