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JR Shin Kobe Station

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JR Shin Kobe Station
JR Shin Kobe Station

JR Shin-kobe (Shin-koobe)
station, is located in Kobe City, Kansai Region of Japan.  Kobe city is a fun city, not only known for it's beef (called Kobe beef) but also a meeting place for international business men and tourists.  It has long been known as the port city doing business with both the western and eastern hemispheres.  The historic Chinatown (Nankinmachi) in Kobe city is a good example of that.

JR Shin-Kobe station services only Shinkansen lines, every bullet train on the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen line, stops here.  So, you can see how busy this station is with very high frequency of bullet trains.

To get to the JR lines you have to take the Kobe subway to get to JR Sannomiya Station.  It is only one stop from the Shin Kobe station though.  Area around JR Sannomiya station is considered as downtown Kobe.

Here is a video of the JR Shin Kobe Station.

Kobe city is nestled between the sea on the south and the Mt. Rokko on the north.  This geology is reflected in the peculiarity of this station, that on either side of the station, long tunnels start into the mountain.  Basically the station is at the base of a mountain, with tunnels either side for the coming and leaving bullet trains.

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