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JR Shizuoka Station

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JR Shizuoka Station
JR Shizuoka Station

Shizuoka Prefecture is located in southeast of Japan.  It is located on the Tokaido Sanyo Railway line and is serviced by both local JR lines and the Shinkansen (Bullet Train).  Although not all bullet trains stop here, most do. 

Many late night Bullet Trains from Tokyo or from Osaka terminate here.

Here is a video of the JR Shizuoka Station.

Shizuoka city is where Tokugawa Ieyasu was born.  Tokugawa Ieyasu was the greatest Samurai in Japanese history and had the title of "Shogun".  This official title "shogun" (supreme commander of the feudal government) was given to him by the emperor at that time.

In 1605, Tokugawa Ieyasu handed over the position of "shogun" to his third son Hidetada and retired to Sumpu Castle located in his childhood home in Shizuoka City.

Shizuoka city is also known as the stopping and starting place for many trekkers to the Mt. Fuji.  You can see great views of Mt. Fuji on the way to Shizuoka city from Tokyo.

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