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JR Toba Station

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JR Toba Station
JR Toba Station

JR Toba Station
is located near Ise-Shima National Park, close to the Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan. 

Mie Prefecture is part of "Chubu Region" and is the region roughly between Kanto and Kansai Regions.  You can look at it as the region between Osaka and Tokyo.  In addition to gorgeous peaks and valleys in the Mie prefecture, around Toba city, the city has beautiful bay and is a must see destination for many Japanese and International tourists.

JR Toba Station is about two hours train ride from JR Nagoya Station on JR Limited Express "Mie".

Here is a video of the JR Toba Station.

In addition to the picturesque Ise Bay, Toba city is known for Mikimoto Pearl Island.  This is where the first cultured pearl (man made pearl) was created.  It is also known as a resort city with many nice Japanese and western style hotels looking over the Ise Bay. 

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