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JR Ueno Station
JR Ueno Station Ticket Machines

JR Ueno Station is one of the largest Train Stations in Tokyo Metropolis, second only to JR Tokyo Station.  This train provides service to all Shinkansens, except for the Bullet Trains on the Tokaido Sanyo Line.  For the Tokaido Sanyo Lines, take the Yamanote line to Tokyo.

JR Ueno Station also services many JR Lines most importantly to the Tohoku region and also stations further northeast of Japan.  Yamanote line has a stop at JR Ueno Station and so are many subway lines.

Ueno area is one of the most bustling areas in Tokyo Metropolis.  Closer to the JR Ueno station are the Ueno Zoo, Ueno Park, Ueno Museum etc.  The Keisei Skyliner, a cheaper service (Narita Express operated by Japan Railway) to the Tokyo Narita Airport is also available closeby.

Here is a video of the JR Ueno Station:

In addition to the Ueno Park and related attractions, there is a very historic and old street market nearby.  It is called "Ameya Yokocho Street" market. This market sells everything from fresh food to golf clubs.  If you are around the JR Ueno Station, please do not miss a trip to the Ameya market.

Here is a video of the Ameya Market:

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