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JR Yamadera Station

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JR Yamadera Station
JR Yamadera Station

JR Yamadera Station is a beautiful little train station, located in an hilly area in the Yamagata Prefecture.  The train station's main purpose is to bring passengers in to the famous Yamadera Temple. 

This station from outside looks completely hidden because of the smaller size.  As you can see in the video below, all around this station are beautiful mountains, valleys and rivers. 

This station is on the JR Senzan Line.  JR Senzan Line runs between JR Sendai Station and JR Yamagata Station.  It is closer to the JR Yamagata Station than to JR Sendai Station.  So, if you are coming from Tokyo, you can go all the way to JR Yamagata Station and get on the Senzan Express Train to get to JR Yamadera Station.  On your way back you can either go to Sendai or Yamagata, based on the amount of time you have.  Both Yamagata and Sendai Stations have Bullet Train facilities, which makes it easier to get back to Tokyo.

Here is a video of this beautiful Train Station:

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