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Keihan Railway Uji Station

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Keihan Railway Uji Station

Keihan Railway Uji station
is the gateway to the enchanting, spiritual and romantic Uji City.  Uji city is part of Kyoto Prefecture and is located in the south of Kyoto City, about an hour ride on the Keihan Railway station.  This route is on the way to Nara Prefecture but Keihan Railway terminates at Uji city.

To get to Uji City, you can also take JR Nara Train to JR Uji Station but Keihan Railway Uji Station is closer to all the temples and other tourist attractions than JR Uji Station.  But either station is fine, if you are want to get to Uji, I just happened to prefer Keihan Railway.  If you are traveling with a JR Pass by all means take the JR Nara Train to get to Uji City.

Uji city, which is the place where much of the last chapters of "Tale of Genji"  (please see the Tales & Temples Page) takes place, also has two great temples;
1) Byodoin Temple, 
2) Mimurotoji Temple. 
While Byodoin temple's Phoenix Hall picture is on the ten yen coin, Mimurotoji temple is one of the Kannon Temples in the Saikoku 33 Kannon temple Pilgrimage circuit. 

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