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Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station

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Nankai Namba Station
Nankai Namba Station

Nankai Electric Railway Namba Station
(Nankai Namba Eki) is the gateway to the Koyasan or Mt. Koya.  This station is the starting point for either an express or Limited Express train (Koya line) to Koyasan Station.  The Koya line starts from Namba station in Osaka and ends in Koyasan (Mt. Koya) station.

Nankai Electric Railway is the only way, the visitors can visit Koyasan  (unless you are driving to Koyasan or part of a tour bus). 

All travelers will have to get to the Namba Subway station first.  This station is on the Osaka Subway Midusouji line.  Other ways of getting here is, of course either by taxi or by bus, where ever you are staying at.  But I noticed that most folks get to Osaka or Shin Osaka and take the Midusouji subway to get to Namba station.

Here is a video of the Nankai Namba station:

On the way to Koyasan, you will have to change trains at Hashimoto, if you are taking a non Limited Express train.  Also, you will have to change to a cable car at Gokurakubashi station, which is where all the Koya line trains end their journey.  From here you have to take Nankai Railway Cable Car to the top of the Mt. Koya.  At the end of the cable car ride is the official Koyasan Station.

Koyasan is one of the three sacred places of the "Kumano Kodo" (Kumano Ancient Road), pilgrimage circuit and a designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Visit to Koyasan is one of the most spiritual and enchanting experiences of my life, so if you get a chance to go Western Japan, do not miss visiting Koyasan.

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