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Riding Limited Express Train Ocean Arrow Through Kii Peninsula

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Limited Express Ocean Arrow
Limited Express Train Ocean Arrow at JR Kii Katsuura Station

Limited Express Ocean Arrow
train runs on the Kinokuni line from JR Kyoto Station or JR Shin Osaka Station to JR Shingu Station in the Wakayama Prefecture.  This train is part of the West Japan Railways (JR West) in western Japan.  This train along with Super Kuroshio and Kuroshio, run on the Kinokuni line and cover the entire coastline of the Kii Peninsula in Wakayama prefecture.

The entire ride from JR Kyoto Station takes about 5 hours.  As mentioned above, there are Ocean Arrow trains run from Shin Osaka also, and their frequency is more than the trains from Kyoto.   So, if you miss the early train from JR Kyoto Station, you can take a Shinakansen or a regular JR Kyoto line to get to Shin Osaka and catch the more frequent Ocean Arrow train from Osaka.

JR Kii Katsuura station is one stop before the JR Shingu station.  JR Shingu station was briefly closed during Fall/Winter of 2011 due to Typhoons destroyed the train lines.  As of January, 2011 the JR Shingu station is officially open and Ocean Arrow and other trains on Kinokuni line run up to JR Shingu Station.

Here is the video of the Train Ride on Ocean Arrow:

The surroundings around JR Kii Katsuura Station is known for Nachi Katsuura town, Nachi Mountain Range, Nachi Waterfall and two great places of worship Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine and Seigantoji Temple.  In other words it is a great place to visit.

The UNESCO World Heritage designated Pilgrimage route "Kumano Kodo" (Kumano Ancient Road), starts from Kii Katsurra's Daimonzaka hill.  And this covers three great pilgrimage sites "Nachi Katsuura", "Yoshino San" and "Koyasan".

This ride from Wakayama to Kii Katsuura, for most part is alongside the edge of the Wakayama Prefecture and facing the Pacific Ocean.  So, the ride has a combination of rustic village, Kii Mountain range and the ocean views.  

Along the ride, there is a place called Taiji, where the critically acclaimed and controversial documentary movie "The Cove" was made.  You can see some of the inlets and ocean settings where the dolphin catching is done.

The ride from Wakayama to Kii Katsuura itself takes about two and half hours and this video is a condensed version of the ride.

Enjoy - and yes, visit Kii Katsuura, Nachi Katsuura Town and Wakayama City.  They are just fantastic!!!

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