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Ryozen Kannon Statue
Magnificent Ryozen Kannon Statue

Ryozen Kannon Temple is located in eastern Kyoto city at the foothills of the Higashiyama mountains.  This temple can be easily reached from JR Kyoto Station by city bus.  Ryozen Kannon temple is one of the newer Kannon temples built in Japan, commemorating certain important historical events that shaped the modern Japan (Another example of this type of temple is the Sendai Dai Kannon Temple). 

There is a monument in the Memorial Hall of this temple.  This monument to the second world war's unknown soldier was erected to the memory of more than forty-eight thousand foreign soldiers who perished on Japanese territory or on territory under Japanese military control.  This monument has the following inscription:

"All honor to him, friend or foe, who fought and died for his country! May the tragedy of his supreme sacrifice bring to us, the living; enlightenment and inspiration fill us with ever-mounting zeal for the all compelling quest of peace, world peace and universal brotherhood"

This temple is built in 1955, with beautiful Higashiyama mountains as the back drop.  The famous Otani Mousoleum (dedicated to Monk Shinran Shonin) and Toribeyama, famous ancient creation site and burial ground.  The Toribeyama on this part of Higashiyama mountain range has over 15000 tombs.  Travellers can walk to Ryozan Kannon and the Kiyomizudera Temple through these burial grounds.

The image of Bodhisattva Ekdasamukha on the platform is enshrined by huge golder pillers and ornate beams inside the main worship hall.

Ryozen Kannon Temple Seal

The magnificent Bodhisattva Avalokiteshwara (Kannon) was erected by Hirosuke Ishikawa.  The merciful, peaceful yet glowing face of the Kannon statue was moulded by the famous sculptor, the late Choun Yamazaki, along with the dedicated effort of other architects. 

This magnificent statue is made of concrete and is a model example of the Showa era art and is destined to serve as a great landmark for the eastern hall part of the ancient city of Kyoto. 

The dimensions of the Kannon are:

Height: 24 Meters (80 Feet)
Face: 6 Meters (20 feet)
Eyebrow: 110 Meters (3 feet, 6 inches)
Eye: 1 Meter (3 feet, 3 inches)
Nose: 106 centimeter (3 feet, 5 inches)
Mouth: 90 centimeter (3 feet)
Image of Buddha on top of the head: 90 centimeter (3 feet)
Weight: 500 tons (concrete with steel-rod frame work)

If you are visiting Kyoto city and it's temples, you can visit this temple as a last part of your day's itinerary.  Because you can visit this temple and relax in the temple grounds, watching the merciful kannon statue.  I did that myself, I felt the peace and tranquility after a long day's walk visiting other temples in Kyoto city.

Here is a video of the Ryozen Kannon temple:

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