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Seigantoji Temple
Seigantoji Temple Main Worship Hall

Seigantoji Temple is located in the Nachi Katsuura Town of the Wakayama Prefecture.  It is a mountain top temple, located on the Mt. Nachi (Nachi-san) overlooking the Nachi Waterfalls.  The Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine is located next door.  Seigantoji Temple is the first temple that is visited in the Saikoku 33 Kannon Pilgrimage of Western Japan.  The Nachi Katsuura area is also part of the Kumano Kodo (Kumano Ancient Road) Pilgrimage, recognized by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

Seigantoji Temple can be reached by arriving at JR Kii Katsuura Station.  From JR Kii Katsuura station you can take a bus to Nachi San and walk up the mountain to reach the Seigantoji Temple.

Seigantoji Temple Seal

It is said that Seigantoji Temple was established by an Indian monk, called Ragyo-shonin, who happened to travel to Nachisan area and practiced ascetic Buddhism at the Nachi Waterfall in the 4th century.  As such the original built of the Seigantoji Temple is the oldest temple in the Kumano area. 

Seigantoji Temple KannonThe original buildings were destroyed during the Japan Unification war conducted by Oda Nobunaga. 

Kanzeon Bosatsu Image in the Hondo

Then it was then re-built in 1590 AD by Hideyoshi Toyotomi (who was the Military General and a friend of Oda Nobunaga).  Seigantoji Temple was designated as a World Heritage Site in 2004.  The main worshiped deity is called Kanzeon Bosatsu (also known as Kannon Bosatsu or Bodhisattva Kannon).   There is also a Dainichi Nyorai (Buddha) statue made of copper believed to be from the 12th century (late Heian period) in this Temple.

The Kumano Ancient Road continues from the back of the Temple and you can see the old stair case leading to this road.  From the temple precincts you can see great views of the Nachi Mountain range and the Nachi Water falls.

Here is a video of the Seigantoji Temple:

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