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Sendai Dai Kannon Temple

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Sendai Dai Kannon
Sendai Dai Kannon Temple

Sendai Dai Kannon Temple is located in Sendai City in Miyagi Prefecture.  Miyagi prefecture is part of the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan. 

Parts of the Tohoku region, specifically in Miyagi prefecture have been devastated by the Great Japan Earthquake of March 2011.  The Sendai airport has been washed away by the tsunami that was caused by this earthquake. 

With all these calamities the Sendai City residents seem to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives and Sendai Dai Kannon statue stands firmly in the city, giving them enough strength to move on.

Dai Kannon literally means "Big Kannon", can be reached from the JR Sendai Station, on a short bus ride.

The main Kannon statue is about 100 meters high.  This temple was created as a memorial of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Sendai City.

Temple Seal of Sendai Dai Kannon

Sendai Dai Kannon is a figure of Byakui Kannon Bosatsu.  She is called Byakui Kannon Jizaibo, who creates every Kannon Bosatsu.  She has "Nyoihouju" in her right hand and Mizugame (Water Jar) in the left hand.  Right hand bestows a wish and the left provides water (nourishment).

Here is a video of the Sendai Dai Kannon Temple:

Attached to the elevator shaft are 108 Buddhist images called Hyakuhattai-Hotoke. 

In the first floor there are statues of twelve guardian deities and thirty three Kannon Bosatsu.  It is believed that Kannon Bosatsu reincarnates in thirty three forms and each reincarnation is take care of certain sorrows of the people.  The Bando and Saikoku kannon pilgrimages in Japan are centered around this concept of Kannon Bosatsu reincarnation.

Even though this temple did not have many visitors when I visited them, I was told that this temple gets many visitors during the weekends and during new years holidays. 

Specifically I was mesmerized by the Kannon Bosatsu status in the first floor, which you can see in my video.

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