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Senkoji Temple
Statues of various Dieties in the Senkoji Precincts

Senkoji Temple is located in the Onomichi town of the Hiroshima Prefecture in the Chugoku Region.  Chugoku Region is west of the Kansai Region in Japan.  Onomichi town is considered as one of the holiest places in the Chugoku Region and blessed with many temples.  Most of the temples are located on the Mt. Senkoji in the Onomichi Town.  You can see great views of the Onomichi downtown and port from the top of the Mt. Senkoji and the Senkoji Temple precincts.

Senkoji Temple SealSenkoji Temple can be easily reached by first travelling JR Shin Onomichi Station.  Shin Onomichi Station is a shinkansen stop on the Sanyo Line.  There are regular JR Lines also that run to Onomichi town.  From the Train Station you can take a bus to the downtown Onomichi.  To get to the top of  Mt. Senkoji, you can either walk up the mountain or take a cable car.

Senkoji Temple Seal

The main worshiped deity at this temple is the Senju Kannon Bosatsu (thousand armed kannon).  This temple is also part of the 33 Kannon pilgrimage of Chugoku region.  It is believed that this temple was established by Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai.  In the temple precincts there is a hall that is dedicated to Kobo Daishi called Daishido.  This Daishido contains a great statue of Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai and is a very popular stop for the Senkoji visitors. 

There is a beautiful bell tower, which is used to ring the new years to the Onomichi residents.  Just like the Senkoji main worship hall, from near the bell tower you can see great views of the Onomichi downtown and Onomichi Port.

Senkoji Temple Bell and Views of the Onomichi Town Below

In the temple precincts there many beautiful statues of Kannon and other deities.  On one of the mountain rocks there is a Mandala design that is carved in Sanskrit dedicated to Dainichi Nyorai (Buddha).  After the visit to the temple you can walk over to the neighboring Senkoji Park and the observatory, from which you can see great views of the port, seto inland sea and the surrounding mountain range on a clear day.

Here is a video of this beautiful mountain top Temple:

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