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Tobu Asakusa Station

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Tobu Asakusa Station
Tobu Railway Asakusa Station

Tobu Railway Asakusa Station is located in Asakusa Town of the Taito Ward in Tokyo Metropolis.  Asakusa is one of the famous towns known for the Sensoji Temple.  The new famous attraction in Japan, the Tokyo Sky Tree is also located closeby in the Sumida Ward.

Tobu Railways is part of the Tobu Group and operates trains in the Tokyo area and in some parts of the Kanto Region.  Tobu Group now famously owns a big part of the Tokyo Sky Tree, the tallest man made tower in the world.  In addition to owning the train lines in the Kanto Region, Tobu Group owns real estate businesses and visitor attractions like the Tobu World Square.  Tobu Railways also runs direct train services to the world famous Nikko area and exclusively owns the bus routes inside the Nikko area.

Tobu Asakusa Station is one of the major hubs for Tobu Railways but this station mostly known as a place where you can buy tickets and passes for the Tobu Group attractions.  The Railway station itself is located inside the Matsuya Department Store on an elevated platform and from outside you would never imagine that there is a train station inside it.  The trail tracks seem to bunch up when they come inside the station and as the trains leave they go over the Sumida River (separates Taito Ward and the Sumida Ward).  Most train passengers that leave Asakusa Station get to see a beautiful view of the Tokyo Sky Tree area and it is a treat to watch.  You can take a express train from here to the Nikko World Heritage Temples and Shrines.  But if you happen to carry Japan Rail Pass, it is better to use the JR trains that go to Nikko.

Here is a video of the Tobu Asakusa Station:

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