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Tochoji Temple Main Worship Hall

Tochoji Temple is located in the Hakata ward of the Fukuoka City in the Fukuoka Prefecture.  Fukuoka is part of the Kyushu Region.  Tochoji Temple belongs to the Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism.

Tochoji Temple is essentially a temple located in a big city setting in Hakata ward.  Hakata ward is known for the JR Hakata Station, which is basically gateway to Fukuoka City.  The temple is about ten minute brisk walk through busy commercial streets of Hakata ward from the JR Hakata Station.

Tochoji Temple SealAs mentioned above the Temple essentially located in a busy city setting, with a small entrance gate.  From outside it looks like a really small temple, but for a city temple, it has a nice sized Main Worship Hall, which houses a statue of Thousand Armed Kannon. 

Tochoji Temple Seal

Legend has it that this temple was founded in 806 AD by Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai upon his return from Tang (the present day China).  The principal object of worship here, is a thousand armed Kannon (Senju Kannon Bosatsu).  This statue is designated as a national cultural asset.

There is a small hexagonal building in the temple precincts which is essentially a sutra hall.  It's interiors are engraved with calligraphy by prominent scholar of the day. 

Great Buddha of FukuokaThe hall mark of this temple is the "Fukuoka Daibutsu" (Great Buddha of Fukuoka).  This Buddha hall is located near the main entrance to temple, in the first floor.  This Buddha was finished in 1992, after four years of carving.

Fukuoka Daibutsu
(Great Buddha of Fukuoka)

The Statue is about 33 Feet high and weighs about thirty tons.  It is one of the largest seated Buddha statues in Japan.  Right next to the Buddha hall is the temple bell fry and a treasure hall.

There is also a beautiful and colorful five storied stupa next to the main worship hall.  Next to the stupa, there are the graves of Kuroda family who are considered as the feudal Lords of Fukuoka from the Edo-period.  They were also great promoters of the Tochoji Temple and the Fukuoka area.

Here is a video of Tochoji Temple:

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