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Eizan Railway Yase Hieizanguchi Station

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Yase Hieizanguchi Station
Yase Hieizanguchi Station

Eizan Railway Yase Hieizanguchi Station
is located at the foot of the Mt. Hiei (Hieizan) on the Kyoto City side.  Mt. Hiei (Hieizan) is the place where the Enryaku-ji Temple complex is located.

Here is a video of the Yase Hieizanguchi Station:

The train station servers as a starting point for visitors to Mt. Hiei to get to the Cable car and then a Rope way.  This climb for the visitors is from the Kyoto prefecture side.  Mt. Hiei also has another approach through cable car from the Shiga Prefecture side.

Eizan Railway runs the trains between Yase station near Mt. Hiei and Demachiyanagi station in Kyoto City.  

The surrounds of Yase station are also fantastic and you can walk around the station and enjoy the sesonal foliage, if you are just waiting for the train, or otherwise.

Beautiful Autumn Foliage on Mt. Hiei (Hieizan) near Yase Station

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