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Eizan Railway Kurama Station

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Eizan Railway Kurama Station
Eizan Railway Kurama Station

Eizan Railway Kurama train station
definitely falls under the enchanting little train stations of Japan.  This train station is the service to Mt. Kurama.  Mr. Kurama is located well north of Kyoto City. 

There is a Eizan Railway (Keihan Railway) train that goes conveniently from Demachiyanagi Train Station in Kyoto City to Mt. Kurama.

Here is a video of the Eizan Railway Kurama Station.

Mt. Kurama is a beautiful mountain blessed with great views and a natural setting.  It is also well known for Kibu Shrine and the Kurama-dera Temple.  It also has a hot springs resort, which is very popular with Kyoto and other Kansai residents.

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