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Anryakuji Temple Hondo
Anrakuji Temple Main Worship Hall

Anrakuji temple is located in the Yoshimi town, Hiki district of Saitama prefecture.  To get to this temple, you need to take the Tobu Toju line to Higashi Matsuyama (from Ikebukuro, if you are coming from Tokyo).  From Tobu Higashi Matsuyama station, take a bus to the Kuboda bus stop.  From Kuboda bus stop, you need to walk for an hour through gorgeous farmlands to get to the Anrakuji Temple.

Anrakuji temple is the eleventh temple of Bando (33 Kannon temples of Kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.

Anryakuji Temple Seal
Anrakuji Temple Seal

Anrakuji temple is bounded by Monk Kaiki in the year 806.  This temple belongs to the Shingon Sect of Buddhism.  Unlike other temples the deva kings as guardians were way away (about 200 yards) from main gate, right beside the road leading to the main gate.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to take photos of these two great statues.  If you get a chance to go to this temple, make sure you look for them.  There is a great copper Yoshimi Daibutsu (great Buddha) statue in the temple precincts.  This statue was cast in the late 1700s.

Here is a video of the Anrakuji (Yoshimi Kannon) Temple:

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