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Anyoin Temple Hondo
Anyoin Temple Hondo (Main Worship Hall)

Anyoin Temple is located in Kamakura district of Kanagawa prefecture.  This temple is about ten minute walk from the JR Kamakura station.

Anyoin temple is also called Tashiroji temple and the main deity worshipped at this temple is called Tashiro Kannon.

Anyoin is third temple in the Bando pilgrimage (33 Kannon temples of the Kanto region) circuit. 

Anyoin Temple Seal
Anyoin Temple Seal

Anyoin temple is a small but a beautiful temple in the Kamakura and is usually ignored by many foreign tourists and probably only visited by people who are on the Bando pilgrimage.  But many Japanese, who are not doing Bando pilgrimage do attend this temple to get the blessings of the Tashiro kannon.

Kamakura Shogunate was a clan of Shoguns originally ruled the Tashiro Kannon Kamakura area.  From this clan the first Shogun is a samurai by the name of Minomoto Horimoto ruled the Kamakura area during the 1200s. 

Tashiro Kannon Statue in Anyoin Temple

He was married to a lady called Hojo Masako from the Hojo clan in Japan.  This temple was originally called Gionzan Chorakuji and was built in Sasamegayatsu at the behest of Hojo Masako.  Masako built this temple to pray for the soul of her hustand, the Shogun Yoritomo Minamoto.

In 1680, the original temple Giozan Chorakuji was burned down; It was then rebuilt at it's present location in Kamakura by Tashiro Nobutsuna, a follower of the Kamakura Shogunate.  Since then the temple is also known as Tashiroji temple.  (source: temple brochure).

Here is a video of the Anyoin temple.

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