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Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai
Statue of Monk Kobo Daishi Kukai in Pilgrim's Clothes

Bando Kannon Pilgrimage is a pilgrimage circuit that is dedicated to the thirty three Kannon temples in the Kanto region of eastern Japan.  The Kanto region used to be called as Bando region and hence the name of the pilgrimage is Bando Kannon Pilgrimage.

Unlike the Saikoku pilgrimage, which was supposed to have been devised and practiced in the Heian era (eight century AD), there are no written records of how the Bando Pilgrimage was started.  But it is believed that after the popularity of the Saikoku pilgrimage for the western Japan, the first Shogun of Japan, Minamoto no Yoritomo of the Kamakura period established this Kannon pilgrimage for the eastern Japan.

The original walking distance for this entire pilgrimage as it was devised during the Kamakura period is about 1300 kilometers.  It covers seven prefectures in the Kanto region.  They are Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki and Chiba.  These days most of the temples can be reached by trains and buses, with some amount of walking from the train/bus stop to the temple precincts.

Below is the list of the thirty three Kannon temples that are part of the Bandou pilgrimage.  Some of these temples are known by the name of the Kannon, so I am listing the name of the Kannon too, next to the temple.  It is easier to find out the whereabouts of a temple by using the name of the Kannon deith that is worshiped in that temple.

No.   Temple Name                   Kannon Name             Prefecture

1)     Sugimotodera Temple      Sugimoto Kannon         Kanagawa
2)     Gandenji Temple              Iwadono Kannon          Kanagawa
3)     Anyoin Temple                 Tashiro Kannon             Kanagawa
4)     Hasedera Temple             Hase Kannon                Kanagawa
5)     Shofukuji Temple             Iizumi Kannon                Kanagawa
6)     Hasedera Temple            Iiyama Kannon               Kanagawa
7)     Komyoji Temple               Kaname Kannon             Kanagawa
8)     Shokokuji Temple            Hoshi no Ya Kannon       Kanagawa

9)     Jikoji Temple                    Jikoji Kannon                  Saitama
10)   Shoboji Temple                Iwadono Kannon            Saitama
11)   Anrakuji Temple               Yoshimi Kannon              Saitama
12)   Jionji Temple                    Jionji Kannon                  Saitama

13)   Sensoji Temple                Asakusa Kannon             Tokyo

14)   Gumyoji Temple               Gumyoji Kannon              Kanagawa

15)   Chokokuji Temple            Shiraiwa Kannon             Gunma
16)   Mizusawadera Temple     Mizusawa Kannon           Gunma

17)   Manganji Temple              Izuru Kannon                  Tochigi
18)   Chuzenji Temple              Tachiki Kannon                 Tochigi
19)   Ooyaji Temple                  Ooya Kannon                   Tochigi
20)   Saimyoji Temple               Saimyoji Kannon              Tochigi

21)   Nichirinji Temple               Yamizo Kannon                Ibaraki
22)   Satakedera Temple          Kitamuki Kannon              Ibaraki
23)   Kanzeonji Temple             Sashiro Kannon               Ibaraki
24)   Rakuhoji Temple               Amabiki Kannon               Ibaraki
25)   Omido Temple                   Omido Kannon                Ibaraki
26)   Kiyotakiji Temple               Kiyotakiji Kannon            Ibaraki

27)   Enpukuji Temple               Iinuma Kannon                Chiba
28)   Ryoshoin Temple              Namegawa Kannon         Chiba
29)   Senyoji Temple                 Chibadera Kannon           Chiba
30)   Kozoji Temple                   Takakura Kannon             Chiba
31)   Kasamoriji Temple            Kasamori Kannon             Chiba
32)   Kiyomizudera Temple       Kiyomizu Kannon              Chiba
33)   Nagodera Temple             Nago Kannon                   Chiba

 I have collected the the directions to these temples and I will post them them with the temple descriptions once I visit them.  But meanwhile if you would like to get the directions to get to any of the above temples, send me an e-mail through the contact me page.

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