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Unagi (Eel) Restaurant in Narita (Chiba Prefecture)

Chiba prefecture is located in east of Tokyo Metropolis and the eastern most prefecture in Japan.  The prefecture extends into the Pacific ocean so, three thirds of the prefecture is surrounded by water. 

The southeastern part of the peninsula faces the pacific ocean and the western side faces Tokyo bay (which itself is Pacific Ocean).  On the land side Chiba prefecture is adjacent to Tokyo and Ibaraki prefectures.

Chiba prefecture is one of the most fertile areas in all of Japan because of the abundance of rivers and water.  It is also blessed with abundent natural resources and a good place to live.  Chiba's long coast line of 534 kilometers offers some of the best and varied ocean scenery. 

Chiba prefecture              Chiba Map          Chiba  Mascot - Chibakun
     Emblem                                             (A puppy shaped like Chiba map)

The Narita Internation Airport is in Chiba prefecture and the airport opened in 1978.  Since then it has been one of the busiest international airports in the world.  The prefecture contains Boso Hills a chain of hills around 200 to 300 meters in height.  Rest of the prefecture is relatively flat with cris crossing rivers and forests.

Many foreign tourists ignore this wonderful prefecture with museums, historical parks, golf courses, beaches and great sea food.  I urge foreign tourists to visit Chiba prefecture and it's tourist attractions.  Most of these places are extremely easy to visit from Tokyo.

When it comes to temples and shrines, Chiba prefecture has it's own set of great temples.  One of the famous and largest temples in the Kanto region, Naritasan Shinshoji temple is located in Chiba prefecture.  Bando (33 Kannon temples of kanto region) pilgrimage circuit winds down with temples in the Chiba prefecture.  The last temple in this pilgrimage circuit Nagodera Temple is in Chiba prefecture.

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