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Chokokuji Temple

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Chokokuji Temple
Chokokuji Temple Main Gate

Chokokuji Temple is located in Shiraiwa town in Takasaki city of Gunma prefecture.  Chokokuji temple is also called Hasedera Temple, specifically Shiraiwasan Hasedera temple.  The Kanji (japanese symbol language) for both Chokokuji and Hasedera is same (???).

To get to the temple you take the Joetsu Shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Takasaki station.  From there you take bus number 2, bound for Harunasanyuki and get off at the Dodomeki bus stop.  Harunasan (Mt. Haruna) is a famous mountain in Gunma prefecture known for it's hot spring spas (Ikaho hot spring).  From Dodomeki bus stop the temple is about half hour walk.

Chokokuji temple is the 15th temple in Bando (33 Kannon temples of Kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.
Chokokuji Temple Seal
Chokokuji (Hasedera) Temple Seal

The main worshiped deity at this temple is called Shiraiwa Kannon, is a eleven faced (JuIchiMen) Kannon.

Shiraiwa Kannon Statue
Shiraiwa Kannon Statue

Here is a video of the Chokokuji (Shiraiwasan Hasedera) Temple:

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