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Chuzenji Temple

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Chuzenji Temple
Chuzenji Temple Main Gate (Nio Mon)

Chuzenji temple is located near the beautiful Lake Chuzenji area near Nikko of Tochigi prefecture.  Lake Chuzenji is about 3000 feet above sea level and formed among mountain range formed by Mt. Nantai (Nantaisan).  To get to the temple, take the bus to Yamato Hot Springs (Onsen) from Nikko bus stop.  Because of the beautiful surroundings of Lake Chuzenji, many visitors flock to it in all seasons and there are many foreign embassies have guest houses in that area.

Chuzenji temple is the eighteenth temple in the Bando (33 Kannon temples of kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.

Chuzenji Temple Seal
Chuzenji Temple Seal

The temple was originally founded in 784 by Shodo-shonin at the foot of Mt. Nantai, and later removed to the sacred place of Utaga-hama (opposite the Lake Chuzenji). 
Tachiki Kannon Statue
The principal image is Juichimen-senju Kannon Boastsu.  It is a kannon image having eleven-faces and one thousand hands and it is 6 meters high.  This statue is designated as a national cultural property.

Tachiki Kannon Statue

The founding priest of Chuzenji Shodo saw the image of Kannon on the Chuzenji lake and carved the statueout of a standing judas tree.  Hence the statue is called standing tree Kannon or Tachiki Kannon.  This temple is also called Tachiki Kannon.  The attendents next to the Tachiki Kannon statue are 2 meters in height.

There are many historical buildings around the temple precincts.  One floor above the main temple buildings there is a hall called Godai-do hall.  According to the old scripts, it is said that Five guardian Buddhist deities appeared in Saint Shodo's dream and was very helpful for hi sopening this mountain.  So this temple was constructed for the fivd deities and named Godai-do hall.  From this hall you can see beautiful views of Lake Chuzenji.

Here is a video of this beautiful temple:

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