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Enma Diao
Statue of Enma Daio at Ennoji Temple

Ennoji Temple is a small temple in Kamakura.  This temple is located path between Kamakura and Kita Kamakura.  Visitors to Kamakura can easily reach this temple while walking towards Kita Kamakura.  In addition to Ennoji temple, there are many other temples on this path.

Ennoji is a temple that worships the Ten Judges of Hell, with Enma Daio Ennoji Temple Seal(seen above) in center, whom one will meet in the outerworld after death. 

Ennoji Temple Seal
Enma Daio refers to Lord Yama from Rig Veda, the oldest Hindu mythology.  Yama was born initially as a human, and later became the ruler of Hell (in Sanskrit language it is called "Narak") after his death.
As Yama from India was introduced to China along with Buddhism in the 600s, Yama became "Enma".  And due to the influence by Taoism, it later became the "Thoughts on Ten Judges of Hell", centered around Enma Daio. 

The "Thoughts on Ten Judges of Hell" later became the "Faith in Thirteen Buddhas" during the Muromachi era, and isthe basis of Buddhist sermon and funeral service that goes beyond the creed of Japanese Buddhism.  The Ten Judges of Hell in the Ennoji temple is the sculptured image of the "Thoughts on Ten Judges of Hell" that came from China during the Kamakura era.

The wooden seated statue of Enma Daio has been passed as the work of Unkei, and is designated as a national treasure by the Japanese government.  (Source: temple brochure)

Here is a video of the Ennoji Temple:

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