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Enpukuji Temple

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Enpukuji Temple
Enpukuji Temple Daibutsu (Great Buddha)

Enpukuji temple is located near Choshi town of Chiba Prefecture.  Choshi is the eastern most of any other place in Japan, as Chiba prefecture protrudes into the Pacific Ocean.  You can get to this temple by taking the JR Narita line train to Choshi.   From Choshi take the one car electric train (Choshi Dentetsu) to Kannon station.  The area around the Kannon temple is beautiful like most of Chiba prefecture filled with resorts and golf courses.

Enpukuji temple is the twenty seventh temple of the Bando (33 Kannon temples of Kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.

This temple belongs to the Shingon sect.  It was founded by revered priest Kobo Daishi (Monk kukai) in 728, who is the founder of the Shingon sect.
Iinuma KannonThe main worshiped deity at this temple is an eleven faced Kannon (Juichimen Kanzeon Bosatsu) called Iinuma Kannon.  There is a brand new five story pagoda built in the temple precincts, it was open in 2009. 

Statue of Iinuma Kannon

It is said that the Kannon statue was originally found in the waters of Chiba prefecture and fished out by the local fisherman.  When Kobo Daishi was in the area, he heard the story and decided to build a temple.  He was supported monetarily by the rich local fisherman.  The original temple had only a two story pagoda and a few buildings including the Hondo.  But the original buildings are destroyed by fire caused by the allied bombing raids of WW II, most of the buildings were rebuilt.  In place of the original two story pagoda, now stands a brand new five story pagoda.  The Hondo itself was rebuilt in 1971.

Here is a video of the Enpukuji Temple:

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