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Fun Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Videos - (Part 1)

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Shinkansen Sakura
"Sakura" of Western Japan Railway (JR West)

During my travels
in Japan to visit Temples and Shrines, I have traveled on many different kinds of trains, including the bullet trains (Shinkansen).

I have also taken fun videos about these bullet trains, in various types of situations. I want to share them with you.

1)   Kyoto city canine police taking a break on Shinkansen Platform:
This video shows the JR Kyoto Station canine police taking a break after a long stroll along the platforms with their dog.

The cute but pudgy Lab, seem to be tired too.  The funny thing is that the whole time dog's handlers seem to be talking to the dog about something!!!!

All this is happening, while the bullet trains are whizzing by.  Kyoto Station is a busy station and the frequency of Shinkansens at this station is very high both the trains going towards Tokyo and trains going towards Osaka.

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