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Ikuta Road, Downtown Kobe
Ikuta Road in Downtown Kobe City

Hyogo Prefecture is located in the mid-western Japan and is part of the Kansai Region.  Being close to the big cities like Osaka and Kyoto, it is very easy to access various cities within Hyogo Prefecture from anywhere in Japan. 

In addition to this since the opening of the Port of Kobe in 1868, Hyogo served as a gateway to Japan for international cultural exchange and trade, specifically from the western countries to Japan like Korea, China and India.  Cities like Kobe are the most internationalized in Japan and provide a diverse culture.

Hyogo Prefecture Location in Japan and Important Areas
(Photos Courtesy: Prefectural Website)

Even though parts of the Hyogo Prefecture suffered severe damage during the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, the cities affected have recovered and efforts have been made to make the new constructions more stronger and creative.

According to the Japanese mythology it is believed that the Japanese Archipelago came into existence with the formation of the Awaji Island (small detached area towards the south in the above map). 

One of the most magnificent bridges in the world and an engineering marvel, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is located in the Hyogo Prefecture, connecting the main Hyogo Prefecture (Kobe City) with the Awaji Island.

Since it's completion in 1998, this bridge has the distinction of having the longest suspension bridge in the world. 

Here is a video of this magnificent Akashi Kaikyo Bridge:

Even though the Hyogo Prefecture predominantly an industrial and commercial area, there are some important temples and shrines in the Hyogo Prefecture.  One of them is the Nakayamadera Temple, which is considered as one of the oldest and most important temples of Japanese Buddhism.  Please click the link below to explore the temples and shrines of the Hyogo Prefecture.

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