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Iiyama Kannon (Hasedera) Temple

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Iiyama Kannon - Hasedera Temple
Iiyama Kannon (Hasedera) Temple Main Worship Hall

Iiyama Kannon Temple is located in Atsugi city of Kanagawa prefecture.  This temple is also known as Hasedera.  In Japan there are more than one famous temple known by the name of Hasedera, including the Hasedera temple in Kamakura of Kanagawa prefecture.  So, to sort out the confusion, this temple is popularly known as Iiyama Kannon temple.  Iiyama Kannon is the main worshiped deity in this temple.

To get to Atsugi city, you need to take the Odakyu railways Odawara line to get to Odakyu Hon Atsugi Station.  Odakyu railways Odawara line starts from Shinjuku station in Tokyo.  From Hon Atsugi station, Iiyama kannon is about half hour bus ride and another thirty minutes by walk.

Iiyama Kannon (Hasedera) temple, is the sixth temple in the Bando (33 Kannon temple) pilgrimage circuit.

Iiyama Kannon - Hasedera Temple Seal
Iiyama Kannon (Hasedera) Temple Seal

Iiyama kannon is known as the match making kannon and this deity is worshipped to make people's love relationships blossom.
Iiyama Kannon Statue
Like most other Bando kannon pilgrimage sites, the kannon at this temple is a eleven faced (JuIchiMen) buddha and the temple itself is associated Koyasan Shingon sect of buddhism.

Iiyama Kannon Statue in the Hondo

This temple is almost an hour walk from the Iiyama Kannon bus stop and it is a pleasant walk up the mountain to get to the temple Hondo.  Just before the temple Hondon there is a long row of cement lanterns which I think are very beautiful.  Most of the time the temple surroundings are extremely quiet and serene.

Here is a video of Iiyama Kannon (Hasedera) Temple.

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