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Temples of Japan - Travel Tips (Part 1)

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Small Temple Next to a Pond at Daigoji Temple Precincts

On this page I will give
you some tips to the enthusiastic Japan travelers based on my own experiences, visiting temples and shrines.  Please note that the tips are primarily centered around visiting places that are usually ways away from a typical city setting and requires some level of walking and/or trekking.  Usually this trekking might involve walking up a dirt road on a mountain.  If you are an experienced trekker or a global traveler, you can skip this section but in general, I encourage everybody who likes to travel to places in Japan that are a bit off the beaten path, please read this section.  It is exciting and fun...

If you travel plan is to stay close to your hotel, in the city and see the attractions in the city setting (like museums and malls etc.) then you do not need to read this section.  The tips for such a thing can be found in any typical Japan Travel book.

Before getting into the tips section, I just want to show you a video of a temple trek near Kumara-dera Temple, on Mt. Kurama.  Trust me it is a lot of fun!!!

I will put more videos of these exciting treks, at my YouTube Channel  "Enchanting Japan", please make sure to visit when you get a chance.

Now to the Tips:

1) Your Health and Fitness:
Visiting many of these off the beaten path temples and shrines require physical exertion from your part.  Many require you to walk long ways (sometimes may be an hour or more) from the bus or train stop to get to the temple.  Sometimes it may require walking up the mountains either by a paved road or by stairs.  If you are not in a decent physical shape, then I would suggest you skip these temples and just enjoy the temples that are within the city limits.  There are many temples like that so no need to feel disappointed.  Your health and well being is most important.

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