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Jikoji Iriguchi Bus Stop in Tokigawa Town

Jikoji Temple is located in Tokigawa Town, Hiki district in Saitama prefecture.  The main temple worship hall is over one thousand feet above sea level.

To get to this temple, you have to first go to Tobu Railways Ogawamachi Station.  From there take the JR Hachiko line to go to JR Myogaku station.  From there take a bus to Sesaragi Bus Center.  From there take a different bus to get to Jikoji Iriguchi bus stop (see above).  From this bus stop the temple is about forty five minute walk up the hill next to the bus stop.

Jikoji temple is the ninth temple in the Bando (33 Kannon temples of Kanto Region) pilgrimage circuit.

Jikoji Temple Seal

The best part of going to Jikoji temple is the walk up the hill from the Jikoji Irigichi bus stop.  This path is full of great stone stupas and small buddha statues.

Thousand armed Kannon of Jikoji Temple

Here is a video of the Jikoji Temple:

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