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Jionji Temple Main Worship Hall

Jionji temple is located in Iwatsuki ward of Saitama city in the Saitama prefecture.  To get to this temple, take the JR takasaki line or the bullet train (Shinkansen) to Oomiya station.  From Oomiya station take the Tobu Noda line to Iwatsuki ward.  From the Iwatsuki ward there is a community bus that goes to the Jionji Temple.

Jionji temple is the twelvth temple of the Bando (33 Kannon temples of kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.

Jionji Temple Seal

This temple belongs to the Tendai sect of buddhism and the main deity worshiped is the thousand armed Kannon called Jionji Kannon.  This temple was founded in year 824 by (Ennin) Daishi.  Monk Daishi (794-864) is a highly revered priest of the Heian period and is the founder Tendai sect of Buddhism. 

Here is a video of Jionji Temple:

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