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Fukuoka Passenger Ferry Terminal

Kyushu Region is located in the southwestern most part of Japan and is the third largest Island in Japan after Honshu and Hokkaido Islands.  Kyushu Region contains seven prefectures.  They are Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Oita, Okinawa and Saga.  Okinawa Prefecture is an archipelago of many small Islands called Ryukyu Islands.

Unlike the popularly held belief, the most active volcano in Japan is not Mt. Fuji but Mt. Aso; and Mt. Aso is located in the Kyushu Region.  Because of the presence of this active and semi active volcanoes in the area, Kyushu region is also known for many popular hot spring resorts (Onsen).

The Fukuoka city is biggest city in the Kyushu Region, with a fairly busy International Airport.  Fukuoka City, like Kobe city is a very internationalized City with many foreign visitors every year.  The Fukuoka Passenger Terminal provides Ferry Services all the way to South Korea (Busan City).  The new Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen (Sakura), runs all the way Kagoshima Chuo, covering most of the Kyushu Region.  This extends the Shinkansen service, which one time was limited only up to JR Hakata Station.  

Since it's proximity to China and Korea, the Kyushu region acted as a major cultural exchange and commercial hub for many centuries.  Even during the time when the Buddhism was being imported from Korea and China, the Buddhist Scholars from Korea, India, China and Japan, used Fukuoka and other ports to start or end their long Ocean voyages.  And when they did stopover in Kyushu for a longer period, they ended up establishing Temples belonging to the Buddhist faith they belong to or trained in.  There are temples like Tochoji Temple in Fukuoka City is a good example of this aspect.

The Nagasaki city which is the second city to be bombed during the WW II, has many peace memorials to commemorate the victims of this bombing.  Okinawa Prefecture, the southwestern most part of the Kyushu Region, contains a large American Military Base, keeping peace in the region since the World War II ended.

The Imperial ruins in the Dazaifu City in Fukuoka Prefecture, provide a peek into the administrative offices that were used to govern the Kyushu Region in the eighth century.  The Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine is one of the popular shrines, associated with Sugawara no Michizane, a scholar in the Imperial Court.  This Shrine is associated with the god of education, similar to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kyoto City. 

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