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Manganji Temple

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Manganji Temple
Manganji Temple Bell Tower

Manganji Temple is located in the suburbs of Tochigi city in Tochigi prefecture.  To get to this temple first take the JR line to JR Oyama station (you can use Tohoku Shinkansen).  From JR Oyama station switch to JR Ryomo line to JR Tochigi Station.  From JR Tochigi station, you can take a bus to the Manganji temple.  Please make sure that you get there early in the morning (before 9 AM) because the frequency of the buses to this temple is extremely sparse.

Manganji temple is the seventeenth temple in the Bando (33 Kannon temples of kango region) pilgrimage circuit. 

Manganji Temple Seal

The Manganji temple belongs to the Shingon Buddhist sect and was founded in year 765.  The main worshiped deity is a thousand armed (senju) kannon called Izuru Kannon. 

The temple main hall and other buildings of the Manganji temple are exceptional and the Hondo that was built about a thousand years ago still stands.  It is amazing to see how the buildings around the temple precincts have withstood the Great Japan earth quake of March 2011.  Although there are some broken down cement lanterns and stupas seen around the precincts the main buildings did not incur any damage.

Here is a video of this great Manganji Izuru Kannon temple:

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