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Toba Bay - Mie Prefecture
Scenic Toba Bay in Mie Prefecture

Mie Prefecture is facing the Pacific ocean and is almost in the middle of the Japanese islands.  Looking at Mie prefecture on the map one tends to think that it is part of the Chubu Region (most middle parts of Japan belong to Chubu Region), but it is officially part of the Kansai (kinki) region.  The capital of Mie is, Tsu city which is centrally located to many big cities in Japan. 

Mie's south parts, that are facing the Pacific Ocean are blessed with some of the most beautiful bays like Ise Bay and Toba Bay.  These places are some of the best places to spend vacations and are popular with both Japanese and foreign visitors.

The Japan Railway's Limited Express "Mie" runs from JR Nagoya Station to JR Toba Station and cuts across most parts of the Mie Prefecture.  It is a convenient train to take to visit various places within Mie Prefecture. 

Map of Mie
(Courtesy: Mie Prefectural Website)

Compared to the neighboring prefectures like Kyoto, Nara or Wakayama; Mie prefecture is not blessed with many Temples and Shrines. 

One of the biggest shrines in Japan called "Ise Shima Jingu Shrine" is located in Ise City in Mie Prefecture.  This Shrine can be easily reached using Mie Exress (at the JR Iseshi Station). 

One of the most important distinctions and visitor's attractions in Mie, is the Mikimoto Pearl Island that is located near Toba City.  Mr. Mikomoto Kokichi who was born in Toba City in 1858, was responsible for successfully creating first ever cultivated pearl.  He achieved this in 1893.  Ever since Mie Prefecture became the center of pearl cultivation.  There is a place called Mikimoto Pearl Island, that gives the visitors a glimpse of this history of pearl cultivation.  Mikimoto Pearl Island is a must visit if you are in Mie Prefecture.

Here is a video of the Mikimoto Pearl Island:

The other important aspect of the Mie prefecture is that parts of the Kumano Kodo (Kumano Ancient Road) pilgrimage run through it.  The Ise Road, as it is known; is one of these routes that comprise Kumano Kodo.  It is said that as opposed to the Kii Road (that runs through Wakayama Prefecture), the Ise Road, since the Edo Period, has been walked along by the general public after completing a pilgrimage to Ise Jingu (Grand) Shrine.

I have not visited Ise Grand Shrine or any other temples in Mie Prefecture yet, so, please come back to this page for a presentation of those temples and shrines.

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