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As mentioned in the Welcome page of my web site, Japan is divided into eight regions of which, Kanto and Kansai Regions (where Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura cities are located) have the highest number of Temples and Shrines.

After the Kanto and Kansai regions, Shikoku (in Japanese it literally means "four countries") region has the largest concentration of temples.  In fact there is a well known Shikoku Pilgrimage that covers a total of 88 temples.  These temples are scattered through the Shikoku region.  These temples are more spiritual in value rather than the typical tourist destinations.  Nonetheless these temples in Shikoku region are considered highly spiritual for serious followers of Buddhism and Shintoism. 

In addition to temples in Shikoku there are lot of gems of Temples and Shrines in Regions like Tohoku.  Noteworthy are the UNESCO World Heritage site "Itsukushima Jinja (Shrine)" in Miyajima Island near Hiroshima city (Chugoku Region) and the Hiraizumi World Heritage Temples in the Iwate Prefecture in Tohoku Region.  These temples in Hiraizumi are recently been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.   Other gems include temples in Onomichi city in Chugoku Region near Hiroshima City.

In addition to the Kanto and Kansai region temples, I will introduce these important temples in the other regions.  For the simplicity sake, I will list them under "miscellaneous temples".  Please understand that the word "miscellaneous" does not diminish the importance of these these temples.

Use the links below to explore the temples in these regions:

1) Tohoku Region Temples and Shrines

2) Chubu Region Temples and Shrines

3) Chugoku Region Temples and Shrines

4) Kyushu Region Temples and Shrines

5) Shikoku Region Temples and Shrines
I will add Hokkaido region Temples and Shrines shortly.

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If you would like to search through the grand Index of temples of other regions (other than Kanto and Kansai), Click the index link below

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