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Mizusawadera Temple

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Mizusawadera Temple
Mizusawadera Temple Main Worship Hall

Mizusawadera Temple is located Mizusawa town near Shibukawa city of Gunma prefecture.  This temple is one of the beautiful temples in the Bando pilgrimage circuit, it not only contains many beautiful kannon statues in it's premises, the atmosphere and the surroundings are the best.  This temple is located near Mt. Mizusawa (Mizusawasan) and Mt. Haruna (Harunasan).  The nearby Ikaho spa is one of the most popular hot spring resorts in eastern Japan.

To get to the temple first take the Joetsu shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Takasaki station.  From there take the regular JR Takasaki line to JR Shibukawa station.  From JR Shibukawa station, take a bus to Mizusawadera temple.

Mizusawadera Temple is number sixteenth in the Bando (33 Kannon temples of kanto region) pilgrimage circuit.

Mizusawadera Temple Seal

Mizusawadera temple belongs to the Tendai sect of buddhism and the main worshiped deity is a thousand armed (senjukannon) called Mizusawa Kannon.

Statue of Mizusawa SenJu Kannon

The temple is over one thousand three hundred years old and most of the temple properties such as the Hondo (main worship hall), hexagonal sutra tower with Rokujizo statues, Bell Tower are considered as important cultural properties of Japan.  This temple was built by Emperor Kaiki Suikoten. 

The hexagonal sutra hall has statues of rokujizo bodhisattvas on it and it can be spun.  It is said that if you spin the sutra hall three times, you will acquire all the wisdom that is written in the sutras.

Here is a video of the Mizusawadera Temple:

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