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Dotonburi Glico
Iconic "Glico" sign in Dotonburi Area - Osaka Downtown

Osaka Prefecture is the largest business and industrial hub of the Kansai Region contains Osaka City; the second largest city in Japan.  The triangle of Kobe City, Kyoto City and the Osaka City from the largest cultural triangle of Japan.  Osaka Prefecture is a bow shaped prefecture and consists of about thirty three cities.  Osaka Prefecture and it's capital city of Osaka are blessed with a unique culture of food and entertainment unlike seen anywhere else in Japan and fondly called as the "Nation's Kitchen". 

It is said that neighboring Kyoto Prefecture and Nara Prefecture were once part of Osaka prefecture and Osaka City was the capital city of ancient Japan before it was moved to the neighboring Kyoto City.  For foreign tourists it is one of the most friendliest with large foreign populations and foreign businesses.

The capital city of Osaka, where most of the commercial and entertainment establishments are located, is laid out north to south.  The south ("minami") area contains the most eating/drinking establishments is known for places like Shinsaibashi, Namba, Dotonbori, Nipponbashi, Shinsekai and Umeda.  The Umeda area which is considered the downtown of Osaka City, is serviced by both Japan Railway and Hankyu Railway.  Dotonbori area which is part of the Osaka "Minami" entertainment district is one of the most iconic places of Osaka Prefecture, should not be missed by the tourists.  Here is a video of the Dotonbori area:

From a Buddhism perspective, Osaka Prefecture and it's neighboring prefectures Kyoto and Nara, are considered as the cradle and the origin of various forms of Japanese Buddhism.  The Shitennoji Temple in Osaka City is one of the oldest and is closely associated with Prince Shotoku Taishi, who belonged to the royal clan but was one of the most influential promoters of the Japanese Buddhism after it was introduced to the Osaka area from Korea.  The Saikoku Pilgrimage will take you to many remote areas of the Osaka Prefecture introducing you the grandeur and antiquity of the many Japanese Temples.

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